*Limited Edition* D4L Dumbbell

Iron Charms

$44.99 $24.99


This is a limited edition line made for Furious Pete and Team Furious Apparel. This D4L line is his exclusive Dedicated For Life line which has inspired so many to continue pushing hard with everything they do in life. 

This Mini Dumbbell Necklace is perfect for any gym goer who is looking to take the gym with them wherever they go. It also has a second tag/charm with the words 'DEDICATED' and 'd4L' on the other.  Its a suitable size so that it won't get any your way when you are training and can also go well with other charms or necklaces that you may wear. A perfect gift for any fitness enthusiast! 

- Length of Ball Chain: 20" + 2" Optional (50cm + 5cm optional)

- All individually packaged and made exclusively by Iron Charms 

- Silver Coated Zinc Dumbbell 


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